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Formerly known as Blossie's Carriage House

Gathering 2000 pictures are here!


New "Official" Link...go check it out!

Click this picture to visit the old Blossie's Carriage House!

Some things that will eventually be available on this site:
-Cast bios
-Personal encounters with stars
-Picture albums
-Lots of different CONTESTS and RAFFLES to win Guiding Light items
-And much, much more!

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The wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Marler!

Blake and Ross

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Old TV set; Actual size=180 pixels wide

The Guiding Light Logo!

Liz and Jerry having fun on the set.

Blake and Ross in the Carriage House when Blake was pregnant in 1996 with the twins.


Jerry ver Dorn as Ross Marler


Elizabeth Keifer


Liz and Jerry pose for the camera during a photo shoot back in 1997.

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