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Liz and Jerry

Liz Keifer and Jerry ver Dorn

Liz Keifer and Jerry ver Dorn portray Blake and Ross Marler. I have created a page just for them, not as their characters, but as themselves. These two are quite intriguing people! I have met Liz and she is the most wonderful person you can imagine. I have also met Jerry, and he's very funny and sweet! They are both exceptionally talented and wonderful people! Knowing them is quite a privelege! :o)


Liz and husband, Bobby Convertino

Liz Keifer married construction supervisor Robert (Bobby) Convertino, and they have one daughter, Isabella Grace who was born on April 28, 1998. They also have one son, Keifer Jack, who was born on January 8th, 2000. Liz's birthday is November 14, 1961.
Liz and Bobby had a history of being "on again, off again" back when they were first dating. Liz once told me this was because she had to "test him out.....see if he was worth it." Obviously, Bobby is worth it! (I have met him, and he is very sweet!) After seeing them together in real life, I am very thankful that they found their way back to eachother because they represent true love. They have been married three years...their anniversary is September 14.

This is Liz's autograph. I got it from the GLFC web site.

Liz's autograph

This is Jerry's autograph that I also got from the GLFC web site!

Jerry's autograph

Isabella (what a sweetie!) and Bobby Convertino. (Liz's daughter and husband.)

Isabella and Bobby Convertino

Liz Keifer joined Guiding Light in August of 1992 as Blake Marler. However, she is no stranger to Daytime programming. She previously appeared on One Life to Live, General Hospital, and The Young and the Restless. She also has numerous Primetime guest appearences. Liz was born to her late parents Grace and Richard Keifer. She was raised in the Pacific Palisades in California. She has four siblings- John, Brian, Mary, and Jim.


Jerry ver Dorn, 1995 and 1996 Emmy award winner for best supporting actor, is currently Guiding Light's longest-running cast member. (He joined the show in March of 1979.) He portrays attorney Ross Marler. Jerry has had many play appearences in the past.


Liz enjoys singing, hiking, watching old Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant movies, and baby-gazing. She has a persian cat named Mustang. Liz grew to love acting as a young child. She credits her sister, Mary, for her foray into acting. She was always voluntering Liz into plays and such.


Jerry married his high school sweetheart, Beth, on June 4, 1977. They have 2 sons- Jacob and Peter. Jerry has three siblings. He grew up in various parts of North Dakota. Jerry's birthday is November 23.


Liz enjoying a seat in her house...

Liz Keifer in her house.

Some information on Liz and Jerry was collected and compiled from the biographies.