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Quote of the Week

Every week you will find a new quote here. The quotes are taken from the show, so each week I will try to feature a different character. If you have any favorite quotes that you would like to see here, please post them in the guestbook below and I will add them! Thanks and enjoy.

Springfield's Quote of the Week!

This week's quote:

Blake: Oh my gosh!

Ross: What? Did you leave the house unlocked? Misplace the baby? What?

Blake: I just got an idea for a new novel, and it's not romance!

-November 2, while they were having dinner at Inferno.

Previous quotes:

Ross to Blake:

"Blake, I love you, but sometimes living with you is like living with the dark side of Lucy Ricardo!"

Olivia to Reva during her cocktail party:

"It's always about you, isn't it Reva? But then again, that's why Josh dumped you!"

--July 25, 2000

Reva to Josh:

I actually took your advice, Josh. I wanted you to know that I got a lawyer of my own: Ernest Dooey. You have your shark, and I have mine. Surf's up! Have a nice swim.

On August 4th, 2000.

(Holly and Billy are at The Journal, enjoying a carryout dinner and discussing their recent fishing trip to Cross Creek.)

Billy: I can't believe you! You bought out Gilly's, and you sat up nights, studying just to prove to me how wrong you were for me!

Holly: I told you. You wouldn't believe me!

-September 13, 2000

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