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Gathering 2000

Gathering 2000 was held on October 29, 2000 at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. (It was a very beautiful hotel, by the way!)

Note: The quality of the pictures on this page is not very good. For some reason, everyone's eyes turned out strange looking, so I apologize for that! We looked much better in real life! The pictures are still great, though, so enjoy! :o)


Meet the host and co-host of the day: Jerry ver Dorn and Liz Keifer!

Liz and Jerry


I printed my web site and gave Liz and Jerry each a copy! (Thanks for printing it, Robin!) They both loved it and said I put a lot of hard work and time into it. (That's me standing infront of them.) Jerry gave me a Certs mint for "all of my hard work." Of course, I kept the mint!


Liz and Jerry signing my friend Lindsay's Guiding Light book.

Liz and Jerry signing Lindsay's book

Jerry, Lindsay (my friend) and Liz!

Jerry, Lindsay, Liz

Jerry, Julie (me!), and Liz! By the way...did I mention I'm their new Official Fan Club President?! Look for details on that coming soon!

Jerry, Julie (me), Liz!

Jerry, my grandmother, and Liz! My grandma has been watching Guiding Light for over 30 years, and when she told Liz that we have three generations of watchers in my family (her, my mom who was also there, and myself), Liz motioned for a photographer to take our picture (all three of us) with Liz and Jerry. The photographer sends pictures to all of the magazines, so look for our picture because it might appear in a magazine! Cool, huh?!

Jerry, my grandma, Liz!

Bradley Cole is seen here talking to a fan! I was so angry--they cut his line off right infront of me so I did not get to meet him!

Bradley Cole talking to a fan.

Bradley Cole

Wesley Ramsey (Sam) and I. He was incredibly generous to me! He is a true gentlemen.

Wesley Ramsey and Julie

Mary Stuart looked very well, and we were all so proud when we found out that she was named "New Yorker of the Week!" She talked with my grandma for quite some time, and she was very sweet.

Mary Stuart

Maureen Garrett (Holly) and I. Maureen was so nice, and very beautiful in person!

Maureen Garrett and Julie

Michael O'Leary (Rick) and I hit it off quite well! You can't tell in this picture, but I was actually sitting on his lap. He had a great sense of humor, and when he found out that this was my first Gathering, he made sure to "welcome me to the Guiding Light family."

Michael O'Leary and Julie

Magaly Colimon (Ruth) entertained us at the luncheon when she sang a beauitful song! She then left and was not available at the autograph session.

Magaly singing!

Laura Wright (Cassie) arrives! She looked as beautiful as ever, and when asked by a fan, she announced that she is having a baby boy!

Laura Wright arrives!

Paul Anthony Stuart (Danny) arrives!

Paul Anthony Stuart

Nu Ground (the group the teens are trying to go see) performed a few songs for us. They are very good!

Nu Ground in concert!

Beth Chamberlin (Beth) and I. She is so beautiful in person, but this picture isn't the greatest!

Beth Chamberlin and Julie

Brittany Snow (Susan), me, and Paul Wasilewski (Max). Paul was so hot in person, and Brittany was sweeter than you could ever imagine! Infact, she complimented me on my outfit!

Brittany Snow, me, Paul Wasilewski!

David Andrew McDonald (Prince Edmund) and I.

David Andrew McDonald and I!

Hayden Panettiere (Lizzie), me, and Katie Sagona (Tammy). They were so cute and sweet! These girls have very promising futures.

Hayden Panettiere, me, Katie Sagona!

Hayden is signing my Guiding Light book in this picture. (Let me say, she has very cool handwriting for being so young!)

Hayden singing my book

I snapped this picture just as Hayden was leaving! She is so pretty, and she has a great smile!

Hayden Panettiere

Lindsay, Robert Newman (Josh), and I. Robert was so funny! He did a stint playing "Robert Regis Newman Philbin" and hosted "Who Wants to be a Springfield Millionare!" It was great, and Robert was very friendly to Lindsay and I.

Lindsay, Robert Newman and Julie

Jessica Jiminez (Catalina) left before I had a chance to meet her, but she seemed very nice!

Jessica  Jiminez

Laura Bell Bundy (Marah), me, and Jordi Vilasuso (Tony). I found these two to be very nice! Jordi was really quiet, but Laura Bell talked a lot! She wrote "nomaste" on everyone's photos, and told us it was something in Yoga and we were supposed to go look it up in the dictionary! I thought that was really different, and very cool. Laura Bell also sang two songs during the luncheon with her friend, Amber. She's a really good singer, and I enjoyed that a lot!

Laura Bell Bundy, Julie and Jordi Vilasuso

I hope you enjoyed my Gathering photos! I still have my report of the day coming, as well as information on the new "Official Ross and Blake" fan club, so stay tuned and let me know what you think of this page!

All of the pictures are property of this web site. Please do not use them without getting permission from Julie first. Thanks!