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Springfield Exclusive!

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This page is for the use of displaying my personal collection of "GL Star Stuff!" I have obtained it all from either magazines, personal encounters, or by mail. It's all for the exclusive use on this web site, and IS NOT to be copied or redistributed! Thanks and enjoy, there is always more coming!

A personal "Hello" from our favorite couple!

Hello from Blake and Ross Marler!

Below is the front and back of a post-card picture that Crystal Chappell sent to me. (She sent a letter as well.)

Crystal Chappell

Crystal's Signature

Mary Kay Adam's signature

Mary Kay Adam's signature.

Below is a letter that Jerry ver Dorn wrote to the fans of Guiding Light! (Sorry it's so big--I had to make it that way in order for you to be able to read his writing clearly!)

Jerry ver Dorn sends SPRINGFIELD a letter!

Liz's Signature

Liz's signature (above)


-Picture Gallery of my visit to the Target store last October when I met Liz Keifer.