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Gathering 2000 Autographs

These are all of the pictures that I got autographed at the Gathering! I bought the pictures of Liz Keifer, Jerry ver Dorn, Paul Wasilewski, and Hayden Panettiere. The other pictures are ones that I cut out from magazines and took with me. Hope ya like them!

Pictures added on Sunday, November 5th, 2000:
-Liz Keifer
-Jerry ver Dorn
-Hayden Panettiere
-Robert Newman
-David Andrew MacDonald
-Brittany Snow
-Laura Bell Bundy
-Beth Chamberlain
-Paul Wasilewski

Hayden Panettiere who portrays Lizzie Spaulding.

Hayden Panettiere

Jerry ver Dorn (my sweetie!), who portrays Ross Marler.

Jerry ver Dorn

Liz Keifer (my girlie!), who portrays Blake Marler.

Liz Keifer (my girlie!), who portrays Blake Marler.

Paul Wasilewski, who portrays Max Nickerson.

Paul Wasilewski

David Andrew MacDonald, who portrays Prince Edmund Winslow.

David Andrew MacDonald

Beth Chamberlain, who portrays Beth LeMay.

Beth Chamberlain

Laura Bell Bundy, who portrays Marah Lewis.

Laura Bell Bundy

Robert Newman, who portrays Josh Lewis.

Robert Newman

Brittany Snow, who portrays Susan LeMay.

Brittany Snow