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Blake Pictures

Here are some pictures of the beautiful Blake Marler, portrayed by Liz Keifer!



Blake in bed

Blake is seen here when she visited Holly in the mental ward at Cedars Hospital. She was trying to talk sense into Holly, hoping it would speed up her recovery.

Blake with Holly

Blake in her wheelchair in the summer of '98. She is inside the chapel at Cedars Hospital.

Blake in wheelchair



Blake holding up the tape of her and Ben doing the deed.....*shudder*

Blake with the video tape of her and Ben

The rest of the pictures on down are exclusive to this web site. If you want to use them, please e-mail me before you attempt to do so. I obtained them for exclusive use on this web site.

Blake is seen here crying when her brother, Hart was pronounced dead.

Blake crying when Hart was pronounced dead.

Some of the pictures are from the CBS web site.