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Bloss Pictures

Liz and Jerry at a photo shoot in 1997.




Blake and Ross on their wedding day back in 1994.


The next two shots are of Blake and Ross in the tub during the heat wave last summer when they got locked in the bathroom. That was when Clarissa was conceived.

Bloss in the tub, July '99

Bloss kissing in the tub...

Bloss in bed :o)

Above: Blake tried to seduce Ross last summer and to her dismay, he informed her that their marriage was over. Below: Blake sometime last Christmas. I think she is looking at Ross in this photo.

Blake-Christmas 1999

This is when Blake was in her wheelchair, and Ross had just watched the video tape of her and Ben making love. Summer '98

Blake and Ross, summer of 98

This is Blake and Ross at Company earlier this year when they were discussing Blake's novel.

Blake and Ross at Company

Blake and Ross hugging at the door of the Carriage House. This might have been last summer when they signed the divorce paper, but I don't really remember.

Bloss hugging

Blake clings to Ross after they tried to divide up their wedding pictures last summer. Look closely and you'll notice the picture Ross is grasping is of Blake in her wedding gown.


Blake and Ross with Holly after she was released when she was caught as the stalker.

Bloss with Holly

Ross looks in the mirror after refusing to make love with Blake. (I think!)

Blake and Ross in mirror.

Blake confronts India and Ross one night last year when they were dining at Towers. Miss Blake was a tad jealous...

Blake confronts India and Ross

Blake and Ross are my favorite couple on Guiding Light! Enjoy these pictures, more are coming!

A few of these pictures are courtesy of Star from Blissfully Blossie. You can find the link to her site on my links page. Thanks Star! I also got some from CBS. In the coming weeks, watch for this page to grow as I add my own personal collection of Bloss, Liz and Jerry pictures.