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The Reconstruction Period has now begun!  Since the Civil War is over, it's time to clean up the nation.  The plan is to restore the seceded states of the Union.  "How?" you ask.  Well, here is the answer!

The federal government has announced that they are seeking a way to let the Conferderate states back into the Union.  The government has also stated that they are trying to figure out what should be done for the freed slaves, and how the Southern whites should be treated.  This will be a time of much controversy. 

Lincoln's view on this situation is a little different. Mr. Lincoln believes thay the Southern states have not left the Union--that they are simply in a state of rebellion.  Before the war ended, Lincoln had already set a reconstruction plan in motion, which:

           1.) Provides pardons to all Southerners who have participated in the war, provided they take an oath of allegiance to the U.S.

            2.) Restores a seceded state into the Union after 10% of their whites who had voted in the 1860 election took an oath of allegiance and formed a state gov.'t  guaranteeing the abolition of slavery

Of course, Congress opposed Lincoln's plan, but old Abe argued that his presidential powers permitted him to go ahead with it anyhow. 

As you all know, Mr. Andrew Johnson is now the president, and he is also following through with Lincoln's plan of reconstruction.

Mr. Lincoln -->
<-- Mr. Johnson

We are now going to review some of what Mr. Johnson has done to reconstruct the south.  Johnson has thus far:  pardoned all Southerners who took the oath of allegiance, recognized the four state gov.'ts already established by Lincoln, and appointed temporary governors in the other seven states, empowering them to hold elections and form state gov.'ts.

                                                                       Late 1865

All but one of the Southern states have now set up new gov.'ts, abolished slavery by ratifying the 13th Amendment and elected representatives and senators to the U.S. Congress.  (Johnson has announced that these states are now restored to the Union!)

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