Get Noticed!
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Autographs.......stories......and more!

Face it....everyone wants an autograph or letter from some GL star! The hard part is actually getting one!! I have been fortuante enough to get Liz Keifer's (in person), Jerry ver Dorn's (3 pictures in the mail, with a pic of him and Liz Keifer, which she autographed, too!) and Crystal Chappell's (through mail). (They play Blake, Ross and Olivia.) Anyway, I am creating this page for YOU! I want to hear about your letters and autographs, and the stories about how you've obtained them. They can be GL stars, or any famous star! So please, if you wanna "get noticed" (or even if you just want to share your story with me for bragging rights!) send an email to me at or Please, don't wait! This page will be great. You can even send scans of your letters and pictures and I will show them off for you! Thanks everyone! (I will be posting my pictures when I get a scanner, which shouldn't be too long.)

Tips on getting the response.........

ALWAYS follow these tips to insure getting a response! (They help, but remember actors are very busy and get tons of mail everyday! Sometimes it takes months....Be patient!)

-Send a SASE (Self-Addressed-Stamped-Envelope) with your letter.

-Be very nice and polite.

-Try to make the letter a page and no longer, otherwise they may not read it.